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Halaman Utama Shvoong>Seni & Humaniora>Linguistik>Contoh Soal UUS SMK kelas 1 X Satu SEmester Ganjil Terbaru

Contoh Soal UUS SMK kelas 1 X Satu SEmester Ganjil Terbaru

oleh: Yakussa    

1. Tio is in class A and Bona is in class B.( ......) studying in the same school.

a. He is d. We are

b. She is e. They is

c. They are

2. Lani.....on time, so she....not be punished

a. Is – does d. Does - is

b. Is – do e. Do - does

c. Do - is

3. I was born on July 21st, 1965. I was born on………………..

a. July the twenty one, ninety nineteen five

b. July the twenty first, nineteen sixty five

c. July the twenty one, nineteen ninety fifth

d. July the twenty first, nineteen ninety five

e. July the twenty one, nineteen ninety five

4. If Mrs. Ridwan gives paper money of 50,000 and the price of paper is 30,000 how much is the change?

a. Thirty thousand rupiahs d. Forty thousand rupiahs

b. Thirty one thousand rupiahs e. Forty one thousand rupiahs

c. Twenty thousand rupiahs

5. Tuti ; I’m going to be sixteen this year.

Toto ; oh really? When is your birthday?

Tuti : my birthday is……..June 27.

a. By d. At

b. Of e. On

c. In

6. Tono : I’ve spilled some milk on the table.

Waitress : ………..I’ll clean it for you immediately.

a. I’m sorry d. It’s ok

b. Be careful e. Stop aside

c. No problem

7. To day is the first of June, so yesterday was……..

a. Thirty first of May d. two of June

b. Second of June e. thirtieth of May

c. Thirty one of May

8. He got money but I don’t know how....

a. Many d. much

b. Little e. A few

c. few

9. Betty is very is also very friendly to...

a. Her – she – us d.she – she - us

b. She – her – us e. We – us - she

c. Her – she - we

10. The girl is not alone anymore....twins brothers of hers now.

a. There is d. There are

b. There is not e. There are not

c. Is there


1. Arrange the sentence bellow into the right form..

Car – big - budi – a – red – has – new – beautiful.

2. Make a short dialougue about sympathy expressions (minimum 4 sentences)

3. Change this sentence into negative and interrogative sentence

She usually goes to school on foot

Lyme Regis is a beautiful old seaside town, with a livery little harbor, beaches, and lovely walks, either by the sea or in the country nearby. For children, there is the aquarium and dinosaurs land, and in summer, you can escape from the crowds and relax in the Jane Austen gardens with beautiful views over the sea. There are many interesting old street with cafes and restaurants. The best restaurant is the Pilot Boat down by the beach, which has very good food and excellent wine.

Answer the questions bellow based on the passage above..

4. a. What is the text tell about?

b. what kind of facilities which provided there? mention it minimally 3 facilities

5. a. There in the third sentence refers to….

b. find the meaning of the words crowds and wine

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